AS 9100

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AS9100 Aerospace Certification

1. Introduction

  • The AS9100 series of standards is based on ISO 9001 and is globally recognized as a quality standard for manufacturers, maintenance personnel, and dealers in the aerospace industry.
  • It aligns with the European standard EN 9100 and the Asian standard JISQ 9100.

2. Scope

  • AS9100 specifies requirements for Quality Management Systems (QMS) in aviation, space, and defense organizations.
  • It covers the entire spectrum of aerospace entities, including design and manufacture (AS9100), maintenance organizations (AS9110), and distributors (AS9120).

3. Key Concepts

  • Quality Management Principles:
    • Emphasizes principles such as customer focus, leadership, and continuous improvement.
  • Process Approach:
    • Adopts a structured approach to managing processes.
    • Follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.
    • Incorporates risk-based thinking.
  • Context of the Organization:
    • Understands the organization’s context and its stakeholders.
    • Determines the scope of the QMS.

4. Benefits

  • Ensures stringent quality standards.
  • Enhances operational efficiency.
  • Boosts confidence among aerospace companies and their supply chains.

5. References


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