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Over 30 years of experience

Our journey through the dynamic landscape of quality management and cybersecurity systems has not only honed our skills but also equipped us with an unparalleled understanding of industry-specific intricacies. Our extensive experience empowers us to guide organizations of all sizes towards ISO standards certifications and compliance with cybersecurity standards.

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Frank Yazhari

Frank is the President and Managing Partner for FY Consulting. He has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing, service, and information technology industries. In the last 23 years, FY Consulting has assisted over 100 companies to achieve certification in the family of ISO standards. In the last 5 years, FYC has also assisted numerous suppliers to the government and aerospace industries achieve compliance to NIST-800-171 Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Frank is a Certified Six-Sigma Black Belt professional and holds a BS and MS in Engineering. He is also a Certified Lead Quality Management Systems Auditor.

A professional head-and-shoulders portrait of a man against a plain, light-colored background. He has fair skin, a receding hairline, and short brown hair on the sides. He is wearing rectangular, blue-rimmed glasses and has a full, thick brown beard that extends several inches below his chin, covering his entire neck area. He is dressed in a dark suit jacket over a light blue checkered shirt.
Ronald Panasiewicz

Ron has over 35 years of experience in process, service and IT industries. His work experience includes manufacturing leadership roles in Monsanto and Johnson & Johnson, IT Compliance leadership within Johnson & Johnson along with supporting multiple consulting firms. He is well-versed in multiple compliance arenas including Quality Management, Information Security Management, IT Service Management and Six Sigma/Lean Enterprise.

Ron is a Six-Sigma Black Belt, ASQ Quality Manager and previously a Process Excellence leader at Johnson & Johnson and a State of Delaware Quality (Malcolm Baldrige) lead examiner. Ron holds a BS in Engineering, an MS in International Management, and an MBA.

A middle-aged man with short, light gray hair and a light complexion. He is facing the camera and smiling slightly. He is wearing a light blue button-down shirt with a collar. The background is softly focused, consisting of a light-colored wall and a window with horizontal blinds, suggesting an indoor setting, perhaps an office or a modern, professional environment.
William O’Connell

Bill has over 38 years of experience in multiple Information Technology disciplines including IT management, system design and administration, network design and administration, solutions architecture, database administration, ITIL, and application support. In the Cybersecurity domain, Bill has extensive expertise in Information Security Management Frameworks (US DoD RMF, CMMC/NIST 800-171, and ISO 27001) as well as vulnerability assessment and Security Operations Center design and implementation. He is a subject matter expert in Governance, Risk, and Compliance areas such as Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301). Bill has a BS degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland.

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